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A community of support + inspiration + positivity.

We create opportunities for women to uplift each other and empower themselves through

personal development + self - love practices.

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Our Mission

To curate events and workshops for women that are centered around love, personal growth, positivity, vulnerability, connection, self-acceptance, and empowerment.  


Our Values

To inspire women to be confident, know their self-worth, and to live life with purpose.

To uplift Women
 by caring about them, sharing stories, being honest, and spreading positivity.

To create spaces that bring connection through vulnerability and relatability. 

be kind. be supportive. be loving. Be courageous.

What We Do

Project Hasso intentionally plans and hosts in-person events + workshops focused on women empowerment.  Our in-person events are held in Austin and Corpus Christi, TX.  Project Hasso also facilitates online events to allow Women from all around the world to join.  At a Project Hasso event you can expect to connect with a group of new inspiring women, network, share stories, and practice self-love activities.

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UPcoming event!
coming february 2025
6th Annual buildher galentines event
About Us

 About Us

Our journey began in 2019 with the intention to inspire women to continuously learn and grow.  Our first event "Girl, You Got This!"was held in June 2019.  Our dream began with a passion to help Women feel empowered, feel connected to community, and know their worth.  Project Hasso was built on the core belief that bringing women together to support one another would create a world filled with new possibilities, that would transform the lives of all women.

Jess Jasso, the Founder of Project Hasso, struggled with deep insecurities, fears of expressing herself, and feelings of unworthiness. Those struggles led her to begin a journey of personal development, hence making her begin to realize the power of self- love and the power of women supporting one another. Together, Lais and Jess create, curated interactive workshops and events for women to develop a greater sense of identity within themselves and share positivity with one another in a loving space.

Project Hasso values the importance of self-love, believing in yourself, overcoming your challenges, creating supportive/healthy relationships, developing confidence, and expressing freely. Project Hasso is also passionate about helping women become self-aware and inspiring them to live a life they are proud of. At a Project Hasso event, attendees will experience connection, reflection, and practice carefully designed exercises that will allow self-reflection and self-empowerment.  


We believe in bringing women together to stand side by side to support each other, build one another, and inspire each other to grow continuously.

Jess's mission is to bring women together to learn from each other, share stories, and uplift one another in a positive space. Her journey of self-love, self-discovery, and learning how to self-soothe her anxiety led to experiencing self -empowerment. She is passionate about helping women empower themselves through personal development + self love activities.

The Project Hasso team is based in Austin, Texas, but we work with women  all around the U.S.

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Jess jasso

Founder + Director of Operations

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Interested in learning more about us?!


 Send us an email by filling out the contact form below! 

Believe in yourself.
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